Jewish Alentejo

This is how Alentejo is, a land of healthy people who entrust the most moving story to the olive trees. And this is the story of the Jewish route. It could be the Jewish presence in a piece of architecture or gastronomy or in that heritage of memories that bounces from generation to generation.

Jewish Alentejo

Welcome to the most beautiful of stories
There is a story we want to tell you.

Maybe we can whisper it in your ear. It’s a story of people, traditions, knowledge, and flavors. A story revealed by the great masters kept forever in endless secrets.

It will enchant you and make you race through the next chapter, far away, where the plain rests, warm, wide, and inviting.

Alentejo is like that, a land of healthy people, and that entrusts the olive trees with the most touching story. And this is the story of the Jewish path. So, in the end, I can only give you one piece of advice: follow the trace of your heart.

Walk through the whitewashed villages, towns, and cities, where time asks for more time to enjoy them. And know that it can be everything. It can be the Jewish presence in a piece of architecture, food, or heritage of memories that hops from generation to generation.

Record every moment. High in your heart and with an open chest. Alentejo never betrays you and always tells you the most beautiful of all stories.

Porto and Douro Valley Tour

This four-day, three-night tour invites you to get to know two of Portugal’s most beautiful provinces: the Douro Litoral and the Alto Douro Vinhateiro.
We will visit cities, regions, and monuments. Due to its historical identity and historical-cultural and religious richness, it has been classified as a World Heritage Site.

Porto and Douro Valley Tour

Experience the majestic Douro Valley in this Porto and Douro valley tour and the beautiful city of Porto on this guided adventure. After a convenient hotel pickup, learn about the region from an informative local guide and explore Porto landmarks like the historic cathedral, Belle-Époque café, and Lello bookshop. Then, cruise down the Douro River and visit the old city of Lamego.

Start the day with a magnificent view of the Serra do Pilar before exploring the majestic city of Porto. See the hill of the old cathedral and the outer medieval Fernandine walls (Muralha Fernandina), completed during the reign of King Fernando.

Next, visit the Majestic Café, a Belle-Époque café with ornate interiors of carved wood. It is considered one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world.
We continue our Porto Douro valley tour to Aliados Square (Praça da Liberdade) to look at the statue of King Peter IV and admire the Art Nouveau architecture.
São Bento train station. The atrium is covered in 20.000 tiles hand-painted by the painter and potter Jorge Colaço. These white and blue tiles express the history of means of transport and the history of Portugal. A unique open Art in Porto!

The historical center of Porto city is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here you can see the Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange) and the Church of S. Francisco on the way to the pleasant riverside neighborhoods of Ribeira and Miragaia.
Enjoy a Wine tasting and visit the cellars of one of the oldest wineries in Douro Valley.

Visit the Pinhão Village by the river Douro.
On Douro Valley, you will enjoy a boat ride of 1 hour upstream of the river with the fantastic landscaping with the vineyards built in terraces on both sides of the river.
Overnight in Peso da Régua.

Serra Arrábida Tour

We have a surprise for you. Discover three magical and enchanting places where history is written on the stones. Between mountains and ocean, from the vineyards of Arrábida to the Art of Tile, to religion, discover a natural place of exceptional value.

Serra Arrábida Tour

On this private tour, you will visit Parque Natural da Arrábida, a 42-mile protected habitat in the district of Setúbal. That offers you some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the Lisbon area.

Marvel at the mountainous landscapes and cliffs reaching the ocean. Look for unique flora and fauna. Then, sunbathe on two of the park’s spectacular beaches popular with the locals, Portinho da Arrábida and Figueirinha.

One of the most scenic areas of Portugal overlooking the beaches is a former monastery established in the 16th century. The monastery complex was designed for complete reclusion from the outside world. It featured small rooms or “cells” where the monks would meditate.

We continue our Arrábida tour from Lisbon to visit the port city of Setúbal, a charming old seafaring town. Here we will enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal and local wine. Dominating the skyline above Setúbal is the Fort of São Filipe, an example of 17th-century military architecture.

Today the fort is a beautiful hotel with a chapel decorated with traditional blue and white-glazed tiles. You will get a fantastic view of the Sado River and the Tróia Peninsula from the defense.

At the foot of the Arrábida mountains, our tour will continue among the vineyards and olive and cork trees in the town of Azeitão. Here you will visit a tile factory to admire traditional Portuguese tiles. Learn the techniques involved in producing them, and make one of your own to take home or buy one as a souvenir.

We will also tour the Bacalhoa Palace and its beautifully manicured gardens.

Our day ends with a stop at the Bacalhoa winery for a glass of wine or two.

Thank you for joining us in this Arrábida tour from Lisbon.

Évora and Monsaraz Tour

Get to know the scorching Alentejo of whitewashed houses in summer and flower beds spilled in spring. Here you will feel the sharing and welcoming of the people of this region. Get ready because nowhere else in the world will you find the taste of the tradition of being at the table. Enjoy centuries-old traditions and history pages. ​ ​

Évora and Monsaraz Tour

Travel directly from your hotel through the cork trees and vineyards of the Alentejo region. Its traditions in a private vehicle, making it easy to see landscapes that most visitors to the capital miss.

Explore historic Évora and Monsaraz on a full-day private tour from Lisbon. See the Roman Temple of Évora, and stroll the partially-enclosed village of Monsaraz. Admire whitewashed houses and religious monuments, along with the vineyards of the Alentejo.

Following a pick-up from your hotel in Lisbon, transfer to the capital of the Alentejo at Évora. Explore its exciting history, from Roman times, through the times of the Moors to the Reconquista to the present day. Meet the locals and taste the region’s food as you see sites such as the Roman Temple, Giraldo Square, and Graça Church.

The beauty and historical background of Évora enables a full day of sights and fascinating history. There is always something new to see and experience, the locals are friendly, and the food is exquisite.

The personal tour to Évora and Monsaraz gives all the information you need to appreciate Évora in all its glory. Don’t miss this museum city, beautiful scenery and amazing sights.

After your tour, you will know everything you need about this beautiful city.

Enjoy a traditional meal with local wine at the village of Monsaraz while seeing the beautiful sights in the lands of the big lake, the Alqueva.

Indeed, this is an experience not to be missed.

Next, transfer to the partially-walled village of Monsaraz and enjoy a traditional meal with local wine. Along the way, admire the Alentejo landscapes, such as the lake at Alqueva. Finally, the ruins of the Castle of Monsaraz on Monte Xarez before transferring back to Lisbon at the end of the day.

Monsaraz is one of Portugal’s most ancient villages and one of the most scenic areas of Portugal. Because here time stands still, legends became authentic and old traditions became the local culture. Explore the culture, meet the local people and taste a traditional meal with local wine in Monsaraz. Then, visit a cork factory with a guided visit and learn about one of the unique products made in Portugal.


Old Cellars Wine Tour

A story revealed by the great masters preserved forever in endless secrets. It will enchant you and make you run through the next chapter, far away, where the plain rests, warm, vast, and welcoming.

Alentejo Wine Tour

Prepare yourself to discover the best wines Alentejo has to offer.

On this Alentejo old wine cellars personalized experience, you can learn about the method of wine production in clay amphoras. This legacy was left to us by the Roman presence over two thousand years ago. And it has been used in this cellar since the 18th century.

In Vila de Frades, we can see the old Roman villa of São Cucufate. The traces of an agricultural house that once harvested these soils to produce food and wine are still evident.

Since that time, about two thousand years ago, it has never stopped producing wine following the same process and techniques inherited by this civilization. So come and taste the authentic carved wine, a unique experience full of Portuguese history.