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Portugal is unique and precious. And in very few other locations, you will feel the sharing and the genuine welcoming of the people of each region, each street, and each place. Enjoy the century-old traditions and the pages of history and explore the castles, the museums, and the historical manors, but lock your eyes in the orange and pink sunset.

Private Tours in Portugal with Real Embrace Portugal

If you want to discover Portugal, Real Embrace Portugal, is the ideal partner for an authentic and personal experience in Portugal. Real Embrace Portugal is a DMC Portugal (Destination Management Company) that provides a wide range of tourism services throughout Portugal.

We aim to make your trip memorable, from when you contact a booking query to when we say farewell at the end of a fantastic journey. We can explore historic villages, thermal springs, craggy mountainous scenery, the world’s largest waves, castles, canals, cherries, and wine together.

About Portugal

Private tours in Sintra

Portugal is a storyteller country bathed by the Atlantic Ocean with astonishing views and beaches along the seashore. You can visit almost all year with sunny days and warm temperatures, even in wintertime. Our population is now around 11 million people, and the door will always be open for you to come inside and enjoy the century-old traditions and the pages of history.

Portugal is diverse, from the green mountains to the north and the incredible beaches in the south, the vineyards in the Douro, the shale villages with that magical medieval atmosphere, or the blazing Alentejo with the whitewashed houses, or that scent of oranges when you arrive in the Algarve.

A different reality!

Portugal is different in everything you know in all of Europe. Here you must be ready to taste the soul of Portugal. So be prepared to meet the old traditions and the genuine all around the country.

Get ready because where will you find the taste of tradition and the pride of being at the table? That’s where rare secrets are unveiled, and the rush of time can’t get rich. So don’t be surprised by the heartfelt embrace and genuine welcoming of the people of each region.

Enjoy exploring romantic palaces, museums, castles, medieval fortresses, cottages, exotic gardens, and charming parks. Get inspired by the architecture, rich history, and spectacular scenery.

Things to do in Portugal!

Lisbon private Tours

We have endless options for day/half or multi-day tours for you to choose from. Depending on your desires and tastes, we will make you enjoy the breathtaking country that is Portugal.

We aim to give you rare and precious moments, always privileging authenticity to discover places and living experiences that are difficult to access for ordinary tourists.

All our experiences in Portugal can be completely customized.

Our private tours

Discovering Lisbon and Portugal with one of our private tours is a personalized experience. We can create the right experience for you by combining the visit to historical and cultural sites and unforgettable tracks full of Portuguese soul and tradition.

So be ready to taste the soul of Portugal with some of our proposals.


Lisbon Full-Day Tour

Join us in exploring the best of Lisbon’s soul on a private tour that takes you to the heart of Lisbon, its parks, and historic neighborhoods. Learn about the legends and stories of love between Moorish women and Christian soldiers. And the rich culture from many influences, including Celtic, Roman, Phoenician, Germanic, Visigoth, Viking, Sephardi Jewish, and Moorish.

Evora and Monsaraz Full-Day Tour

Get to know the scorching Alentejo of whitewashed houses in summer and flower beds spilled in spring. Explore historic Évora and Monsaraz on a full-day private tour from Lisbon. Visit the Roman Temple in Évora and stroll the partially-enclosed village of Monsaraz. Admire whitewashed houses, religious monuments, and the vineyards of the Alentejo.

Serra da Estrela multi-day Tour

Discover a Portugal made of stones, waterfalls, lakes, and rock formations in unusual ways. Then, through the trees and along the waterways, explore the typical historical villages of granite and schist that preserve memories of ancient conquests and traditions. Finally, explore the history, culture, heritage, local gastronomy, wines, and cheeses.

Historical villages of Portugal multi-day tour

Discover what the most authentic Portugal has to offer you. Feel the shared and genuine welcome of the people of each region, every street, and every place. The door is always open to enter and enjoy secular traditions and pages of history. Get to know the castles, museums, and historic manor houses.

Sintra and Cascais Full-day Tour

Join us on the perfect way to discover Sintra, Cascais, and the west Portuguese coastline in this private tour. Enjoy exploring romantic Palaces, castles, cottages, exotic gardens, and charming parks. Get inspired by the architecture, craggy mountainous scenery, rich history, and spectacular scenery; Home to Portuguese royalty and poets such as Lord Byron, who described Sintra as a ‘Glorious Eden.

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Discover Center of Portugal - Real Embrace Portugal | Tours & Jewish Heritage

Discover Portugal’s Center

Discover Portugal

Discover Portugal’s Center, from “Portas do Rodão” to the heart of Serra da Gardunha: The Blossom Cherries.
This route offers us an experience of scenic value, not only of whims and strength of nature, but also of man’s persistence in preserving traditions of ancient times. After quartzite mountains and the hardness of granite, we are dazzled by the beauty and fragility of cherry blossom.

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