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Real Embrace Portugal is pleased to provide you, from now on, a new service to its customers.

Because we know that some customers demand a specific type of cuisine and food, we looked for and found ways to meet their requests. And our Kosher tours were born.

We have, just for you, a Kosher and vegan Chef whose love for cooking has led her to embrace this profession.

In London, she started and later trained in vegan food, with which she fell in love. However, her curiosity and desire to learn and know more also led her to the world of Kosher cuisine.

But we are Portuguese, and we are very proud of our culture and gastronomy. So naturally, therefore, the Kosher and Vegan cuisine that we have for you has, above all, a proper adaptation of our traditional Portuguese cuisine in many of the dishes it proposes.

Corn fritters with mayonnaise and coriander

You now have the opportunity to experience Portuguese cuisine in Kosher and Vegan cuisines.

Get ready because nowhere else in the world will you find the taste of tradition and the pride of being at the table.

Courgette stuffed with leek

Now you have to taste it!

Bean couscous
Bella Focaccia
Broad bean salad with hearts of palm
Carrot tart with aquafaba and linseed
Creamy pea and corn muffins with avocado mayonnaise
Fresh summer salad
Humus decorated with parsley
Mushroom stroganoff, wild rice, asparagus and crispy yam
Mushrooms Stroganoff
Quinoa salad with chestnuts
Quinoa with vegetables
Vegan cheesecake
Vegan pear cake
Vegan Yakissoba
Zucchini curry with black rice
Red cabbage salad with apple and vinaigrette
Lentils salad with quinoa. Accompanying carrots with soy sauce
Vegan Couscous Paulista with hearts of palm and olives

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