Tile Art in Portugal the Tales and History of Azulejos

Tile Art in Portugal the Tales and History of Azulejos

Tile Art in Portugal

We offer Lisbon Tiles Private tours, including visits to museums like the Tile Museum or the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon. We can also arrange hands-on activities for the whole family, such as a tile workshop where you can paint your tile while learning about Tile Art in Portugal. 

Portugal has a long-standing tradition of producing stunning tile art that has been present for more than five hundred years. With our Lisbon Tiles Private tours, you will learn about this art form, which is deeply ingrained in Portuguese culture and integral to the country’s identity. Portuguese people are passionate about tiles, and the main reason for that is their ubiquitous presence. You can find tiles everywhere in Portugal, from the beautiful façades of buildings to the cozy interiors of homes.

These tiles’ intricate designs and patterns represent Portugal’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. They tell stories of the country’s past and present, depicting significant events, people, and places. Each tile is a unique piece of art, and creating them is meticulous and time-consuming.

Sao Bento train station - Tile Arte - Real Embrace Services
S. Bento Train Station - Porto

Lisbon Tiles Private Tours

This ancient art has significantly influenced and shaped Portuguese culture, and it is something that the Portuguese people take great pride in. The country has an abundance of museums, galleries, and workshops that showcase this art form, attracting tourists from all over the world. 

Therefore, as passionate Portuguese citizens, we want to share this unique cultural identity with our clients. Introducing you to the beauty and history of tile art in Portugal can give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of our culture.

Additionally, we work with various handmade art experts throughout Portugal who provide fascinating insights into the artistic family heritage with centuries-old art traditions.

One of our favorite experiences in Lisbon is watching tile art painters create beautiful tile panels and reveal their techniques.

Santa Maria church - Óbidos
Sta. Maria Church - Óbidos
Cascais - Tile Arte - Real Embrace Services
Cascais - City Hall
Azeitão - Tile Arte - Lisbon Tiles Private Tours
Tile Factory in Azeitão

Want to paint your own Tile?

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