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It is a story of people, traditions, knowledge, and flavors, from the green mountains to the north and the schist villages. They stand proudly on the granite hills, guarding memories of other times, of bloody battles, but also celebrations and royal weddings.
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Jewish Rural Portugal

Our Jewish rural tour in Portugal is about the vibrant Jewish Culture. We came up with this tour because it's essential to reveal one of the unique Jewish legacies in our country: the Jewish rural Portugal.

These families fostered an original type of communal rural Jewish life; however, they were open to different Jewish lifestyles and beliefs. Moreover, their crypto-Jewish ancestors secretly retained their faith since the Inquisition.

Many rural Jewish communities in this region of Portugal sought a better way of escaping from Spain after the Edit of 1492 made by the Catholic Monarchs. This mountain area was the perfect location, hidden from harassment and persecution. Plus, this area was dedicated to woolen goods, which they intensified with their arrival.

In conclusion, they came to a prosperous region of Portugal where they could work on woolen, cheese, milk, fabric, and cattle.

Discover a territory with significant Jewish traditions and heritage in Portugal. They started with small Jewish communes with around 50 Jews in the middle of the 15th century. After that, they became almost 200. We find local Jewish family names: Adida, Abenazo, Baruc, Faravam, Navarro, and Zacuto. They will become a reference in Portugal's Jewish history.

They practiced their religion secretly inside their homes to avoid the Inquisition. The Portuguese Jews practiced this Hebrew culture, the Crypto-Judaism, or Marranos also called the B'nei Anussim.

In this Jewish rural tour through Portugal, you will explore the memories of a Jewish past and uncover the riches of that time in history.

Extend your experience by meeting the local Culture. Therefore, we have prepared the authentic Portuguese experience based on: scenery, history, food & drink, local Culture, and heritage.

Private tour from 6.685€ for 2 persons
For more than 2 persons, please ask for a quote

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Tour Plan

Day 1 - Overnight in Sabugueiro Lisbon, Coimbra, Sabugueiro

Schedule: 9:00h

Welcome talk and start our tour from Lisbon to Sabugueiro with a stop in Coimbra to include a city tour and the University.

Day 2 - Overnight in Sabugueiro Loriga, Alvoco da Serra

Schedule: 9:00h

City tour in Loriga to include the beautiful natural glacial valley and it's natural swimming pool. City tour in Alvoco da Serra to include a walking trhrough the historical center and 't's Jewish quarter.

Day 3 - Overnight in Sabugueiro Vale do Rossim, Manteigas, Torre

Schedule: 9:00h

Visit to Vale do Rossim, one of the oldest Gaciars in Europe to include some walking aroun the lake.
City tour in Manteigas to include Burel Factory a record in the history of the village of Manteigas and in the Portuguese Wool Industry.
Visit to Torre, the highest point of Serra da Estrela.

Day 4 - Overnight in Sabugueiro Piodão

Schedule: 9:00h

Visit to Piodão, houses with walls made of schist, windows painted in a blue colour used in the Maghreb and roofs in black slate turn the village of Piodão into a true treasure.

Day 5 - Overnight in Belmonte Linhares da Beira, Gouveia, Belmonte

Schedule: 9:00h

We depart from the elderberry towards Linhares on the edge of the historic village. Here we will visit the Jewish quarter and what was the synagogue of this community. Departure to Gouveia where we will visit the house of Jewish experience and the Jewish quarter. Here we have lunch. after lunch we depart towards Belmonte.

Day 6 - Overnight in Belmonte Belmonte, Sortelha

Schedule: 9:00h

On this day we visit the magnificent historic village of Sortelha where we can see several Jewish dwellings as well as the respective cruciform marks. From here we return to Belmonte to visit the Jewish museum, synagogue and Jewish quarter.

Day 7 - Overnight Monfortinho Caria, Castelo Novo, Monfortinho

Schedule: 9:00h

Visit to the village of Caria and its Jewish quarter. we also visited the museum area of ​​the tower house. We will now leave towards the new castle, a historic village on the slope of the Gardunha mountain range, which was once Templar. Now it's time to leave for Monfortinho.

Day 7 - Overnight Monfortinho Caria, Castelo Novo, Monfortinho

Schedule: 9:00h

Visit to the village of Caria and its Jewish quarter. we also visited the museum area of ​​the tower house. We will now leave towards the new castle, a historic village on the slope of the Gardunha mountain range, which was once Templar. Now it's time to leave for Monfortinho.

Day 8 - Overnight Monfortinho Monsanto, Penha Garcia

Schedule: 9:00h

Today we visit the most Portuguese village in Portugal, Monsanto. Here we will see the typical granite houses with huge boulders serving as a facade. Still time to visit the area where the Jewry was located. return to our hotel in Monfortinho.

Day 9 - Overnight in Monfortinho Idanha-a-Velha

Schedule: 9:00h

Idanha-a-velha, a historic village and an important Roman center, offers us a unique monumental complex in this region. Templar defense point and Arab occupation have many stories to tell us. Return to the hotel in Monfortinho.

Day 10 - Overnight in Lisbon Portas de Rodão, Lisbon

Schedule: 9:00h

Visit to Portas de Rodão a scenic area with breathtaking views to include a boat ride in River Tejo and lunch
Arrival to Lisbon. End of the tour.

Day 11 - Lisbon

Transfer Lisbon Airport

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